Friday, August 21, 2009


Just like most heavy weight boxing bouts, the build-up to a 100 meters race is everything. The actual event, the race itself, is over before you can blink. In fact at the rate Usain Bolt is going the only way to watch a 100 meters race will be to play it back in super slow motion.

In June last year Usain Bolt ran the 100 meters in 9.72 seconds. A professor of kinesiology (the science of human movement) interviewed by The Independent predicted he could run faster. But he added a provisio only if Bolt sprinted right to the end of his races rather than slowing down to see by how much the competition was trailing behind him.

On Wednesday Aug 19, Bolt shaved another 0.11 seconds off his own record and took it down to an incredulous 9.58 seconds. Incidentally, the cameras caught him once again looking back at his rivals as they trailed yards behind him.

By now Usain of course must know he's not competing against anyone. There simply isn't any other human on the planet in his class.

From here on Bolt will compete against time and his own body to push the limits of what's humanly possible.

So just what's humanly possible? How fast can the human race be able to run a 100 meter race? Could humans run as fast as Cheetahs that quite literally tear up the Earth at 70 mph. At the moment an average athlete runs a 100 meter at about 27 mile per hour and Usain Bolt has excited the imagination of kinesiologists who are queuing up to predict where Usain Bolt could land up. The athlete, ever the optimist, has backed himself to stop at 9.4 seconds. This means over the next few years Bolt will become faster by 0.18 seconds. It may seem like a fraction but on the track it translates into many yards.

Skeptics however believe Bolt's height could limit his aspirations. Apparently smaller athletes have a better chance at eclipsing Bolt as they generate more force to body mass. But the manner in which Bolt keeps disproving his critics only a pocket dynamo on steroids seems capable of beating him to the ticker tape.


  1. Its really an unbelievable performance. I dont think anyone can come close to it. Even Bolt will find it difficult, m sure about that. These kinds of performances back to back puts him somewhat in the ranks of michael phelps, Fedrer, Lara.

    Hats off to this type of performance!!

  2. asafa powell refered to him as a "freak of nature" and also predicted the same-he can go faster possibly breaking the 18 second mark in the 200--the is indeed a pleasure to watch and more so because he comes from a place that is but a speck on this planet, only known for its hash smoking, reggae and dread lock loving, down to earth people--good to see you rahul and best of luck to you on your career and blog :-). best, laxmi poruri

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    The writing ofcourse is flawless..but one would like to see more favourites than simply Times Now..

  4. Hey! Nice work, Rahul.